All fruit grown or sourced for Roots is sustainably grown.

Roots Estate Vineyard, Yamhill-Carlton AVA

Roots Estate Vineyard, Yamhill-Carlton AVA

Roots Estate Vineyard

Organically farmed, Roots Vineyard lies on a ridge just east of the sleepy town of Yamhill. Soils are primarily Willakenzie, which is sedimentary in origin. Throughout the heart of the vineyard is a vein of iron oxide, that lends to a deep color and rich mineral notes. AVA: Yamhill-Carlton. Established: 1999 and 2000. Elevation: 450 to 600 feet. Size: 7 acres. Clones: Dijon 113, 114, 115, and 777.  Palate Profile: The wine from this vineyard has a complex array of aromas and flavors, including black and red fruits, particularly blackberry, spice and earth. Owners: Chris and Hilary Berg.

Carlton Hill Vineyard

Carlton Hill Vineyard is situated on a hook-shaped ridge wrapping around to the east. The much higher High Heaven Ridge protects the property from the south; the Coast Range rises to the west of the property. AVA: Yamhill-Carlton. Established: 2001. Elevation: 350 to 450 feet. Size: 6 acres. Pinot Noir Clones: Dijon 115, 777. Palate Profile: Wines show great density and middle palate weight with flavors of dark berries and cherries. Owner: Dave Polite.

Leroy Vineyard

Located south of Hillsboro, Leroy Vineyard contains Laurelwood soils classified as silt loam on the surface with underlying clay soil. Chris Berg has been organically farming this vineyard since taking over its management in 2006. AVA: Chehalem Mountains. Established: 1971. Elevation: 300 feet. Size: 4 acres. Pinot Noir Clones: Self-rooted Pommard, Wadenswil and Upright. Palate Profile: The wine shows classic Pommard and Wadenswil traits: bright natural acidity and elegant red fruit. Owner: Leroy Nelson. 

49 Rows Vineyard

Located just north of Wilsonville, 49 Rows is essentially a backyard vineyard but a gem all the same, with silty loam soils. AVA: Chehalem Mountains. Established: 2002. Elevation: 300 feet. Size: 3 acres. Pinot Noir Clones: Dijon 115, Wadenswil and Pommard. Palate Profile: Great balance of cherry and dark chocolate. Owner: Joe Derting.

Cancilla Vineyard

Just north of Gaston, the vineyard is made up of a Willakenzie light loam, shallow clay loam (30% to 45%) mixed with fine sand (12%). AVA: Willamette Valley. Established: 2002. Elevation: 300 to 500 feet. Size: 17 acres. Pinot Noir Clones: Pommard, Dijon 777, 115  17 acres. Owner: Ken Cancilla.

Saffron Fields Vineyard

Located on the same hillside as Roots Estate Vineyard, Saffron Fields contains sandy, silty loam on sedimentary bedrock provides ideal growing conditions. AVA: Yamhill-Carlton. Established: 2007. Elevation: 275 to 400 feet. Pinot Noir Clones (sourced): Pommard. Palate Profile: Dark berry flavors with a hint of spice. Owners: Sanjeev Lahoti and Angela Summers.

Fairsing Vineyard

Fairsing Vineyard contains well-drained silty-clay-loam soils, which developed over sedimentary parent material. One can see this stunning vineyard from Roots Estate Vineyard. AVA: Yamhill-Carlton. Established: 2007. Elevation: 500 to 800 feet. Size: 39 acres. Pinot Noir Clones (sourced): Dijon 115. Roots also sources Chardonnay from this vineyard. Owners: Mike and Mary Ann McNally.

Mason Ridge VineyarD

Near the community of Helvetia, Mason Ridge Vineyard’s cool-climate location is perfect for Pinot Noir. The Loess soil, a clastic, predominantly silt-sized sediment formed by the accumulation of wind-blown dust, further enriches the flavor profile of the Pinot. AVA: Willamette Valley. Established: 1995. Elevation: 740 to 800 feet. Size: 7 acres. Pinot Noir Clone: Self-rooted Espigette. Owner: Dean Inman.

Other sources include: Yamhill Springs Vineyard (Pinot Noir),  Scorched Earth Vineyard (Grenache) and Sienna Ridge Estate (bubbles).